Find out what kind of students the Instrument Academies are looking for and how the application process works. See also the detailed application instructions on each academy's website.

The application process is different between the three academies. However, admission to each of the Instrument Academies requires exceptional ability in handling an instrument and motivation to study it further in a professional way.

The application process may include, for example, two phases: an entrance exam and an interview. The Brass Academy’s application process is different: students are chosen during the event weekends held in different locations around Finland a few times a year. Mark down the Brass Academy's event weekends from the Course programme 2023–2024 webpage.

Further information about applying will be updated on the Instrument Academies’ individual websites when their next application period approaches. More information about admissions can also be requested from the academies by email. View the academies' contact details.

The Instrument Academies’ coordinating teachers are responsible for admissions and the application process.

The Instrument Academies will announce their upcoming application periods well in advance, both on this website and their own individual websites.

Photo: Ville Lehvonen