In all instrument academies, teaching is typically organised as weekend courses a few times each semester. Find out more about what studying with us is like.

The String Academy, the Youth Piano Academy Finland and the Brass Academy offer periodic extra training for talented young musicians from Finland. Aged between 8 and 20, students of the Instrument Academies come from all around Finland.

In all the academies students focus on the use of their own instrument and its special features. Teaching is mainly organised as weekend courses that typically last two or three days. These weekend courses take place a few times each semester.

The top teachers of the Instrument Academies share a passion for their own industry and the future of Finnish musicians. Visiting teachers provide an opportunity for the students to start building important networks abroad. Students also have an essential role in creating an inspiring and encouraging learning environment for each other in the academies.

Finnish is the main teaching language. The courses taught by non-Finnish visiting teachers are held in English.

There are some differences between the teaching practices of the individual academies. Find more information about studying on each of the Instrument Academies’ websites.

Visit the Youth Piano Academy Finland's website

Visit the String Academy's website (currently only in Finnish)

Visit the Brass Academy's website

Photo: Ville Lehvonen